Turkish medical devices and supplies industry

Turkish medical devices and supplies industry

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An overview of the development of the industry

  • The Turkish medical devices and equipment industry is a rapidly developing and steady growth sector, especially with a lot of pumping and supply of large and modern investments in most of the areas covered by that industry.
  • In fact, over the past decade, the industry has undergone major changes.
  • This change and the big difference that the industry witnessed is due to the increase in the number of productive elements represented in the various companies that fall under the various sectors, whether governmental or private or multinational companies of a global nature.
  • Of course, in the midst of this diversity and the large difference, the quality of the different products has improved, and this improvement is due to the great and fierce competition between the different producing companies. Of course, the competitive nature of the continuation and domination and obtaining a greater proportion of the market was in the end and inevitably relied on the increase in production.
  • Recently, the number of manufacturers in the industry has increased.

The quality of Turkish products from medical supplies and their internationalization

  • With the quality of the medical products, the Turkish medical devices and supplies industry has advanced in this way so that it can compete with many countries.
    • Turkish medical device manufacturers and consumers comply with international procedures and quality and safety standards such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GHP (Good Health Practices), ISO standards and the European Union CE mark.
  • The productive quality, whether it is for medical supplies or for the manufacture of medical devices, conforms to the standards and production specifications for quality and warranty, which in turn comply with both the highest European and American standards in such industries.

The large production and the volume of exports

  • According to 2017 estimates, the industry consists of about 6000 companies, including 450 medium and large companies, 100 factories / exporters, and 2500 suppliers.
  • A wide range of products is offered by some manufacturers specialized in their fields of production.
  • Most of the companies operating in the manufacture of medical devices and supplies are located in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Samsun due to the large number of health institutions, transportation and communication facilities, easy supply and easy access to research and technical support in these cities.

Various products of medical supplies and devices

Turkish medical manufacturers have shown a significant increase in production over the years.

These companies offer a variety of products, equipment and supplies that pertain to the health and medical fields in general, such as ..

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  1. Medical and surgical instruments and devices
  2. Fillers, disinfection and cotton
  3. Gauze
  4. Bandages
  5. Medical disposables
  6. Injections
  7. Needles and catheters
  8. Ophthalmology tools
  9. Dental tools
  10. Equipment for laboratory and laboratory investigations.
  11. Diagnostic tools and more sophisticated diagnostic devices.
  12. Wound Closure Equipment, etc.

The great diversity of the industry

  • Nowadays, the industry manufactures thousands of items ranging from the simplest consumables to the most sophisticated medical equipment.
  • The Turkish health care market has a large size for a large number of different reasons, the first and most important of which is due to the country’s population of about 75 million people and the increasing of their health concerns, therefore the best way to represent yourself abroad and your quality production is how the matter applies to you at home and the extent of the use, consumption and efficiency of these products and your accreditation on her.
  • Also, the economic vision set by the state in the criterion of productive efficiency, increasing economic boom, and big plans and visions of the Turkish renaissance and progress.
  • All this and more means that the market is huge and promising for other international companies that intend to enter into joint ventures and other forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with their Turkish counterparts.
  • In the end all of this was an important product of Turkey’s presence on the global map with regard to this field and its near ambition to assume global leadership in production and export as it has been achieved in many different industries already.
  • The development of hospitals, clinics and private health centers has shown tremendous growth in Turkey, especially in plastic and cosmetic surgery, orthopedics and ophthalmology.

Quick tip ..

Turkey is achieving global leadership in the fields of ophthalmology and hair transplantation at the renaissance level and the great medical progress of a pioneer in these two areas.

The volume of global exports

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  • The Turkish medical devices and supplies industry fulfills the local demand for many products and also exports a large quantity that is constantly increasing with the passage of time and the development of various strategies for a greater renaissance in this field through rational and wise policies that the state undertakes to implement, supervise and follow up on.
  • Total Turkish domestic exports only in 2017 were about half a billion US dollars.
  • Turkish exports of medical devices and medical equipment grew by almost 12% in 2017 compared to 2016
  • The main product group in exports was “medical, surgical, dental or veterinary tools and devices” with a value of US $ 265.3 million in 2017.
  • The second group was “orthopedics, splints and other breakers and hearing aids” with a value of $ 214.7 million, and the third was “mechanical therapeutic devices” with a value of $ 20 million in the same year.

To all countries of the world

  • Turkey exports various medical devices and consumables to more than 100 countries around the world.
  • The main export markets are China, Germany, the United States, France, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Iraq, Libya and Georgia.
  • It is worth noting that the export markets of Turkish medical devices and equipment are expected to continue to grow with a focus on exports of more technologically advanced products.

Turkish medical supplies prices

  • There are different types of medical supplies and therapeutic devices that differ according to their specifications, types, and requirements.
  • You can contact us and order the product you wish to contract and we will provide you with a great and favorable price offer.