Turkish hazelnut

Turkish hazelnut

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A glimpse of the Turkish hazelnut …

  • It is the best ever in the world.
  • This is due to the conformity of Turkish production of hazelnuts to international standards and specifications.
  • Turkey tops the top ten exporters and producers of hazelnuts with a production rate of more than 75 % of the total production.
  • It is sufficient for us to know only that the wonderful Turkish hazelnut is mostly from the Black Sea region and the region around it, that its production to the world represents about seventy percent of the world’s need and supply of this important product.
  • Turkey ranks first in Europe and internationally in producing, exporting and supplying the world with its hazelnut needs.

The history and roots of the Turkish hazelnut …

  • Historical documents indicate that the production of Turkish hazelnut dates back to about twenty-three centuries, and the roots of this industry extend to more than three centuries before the birth of Christ on the northern coast of Turkey in the Black Sea region.
  • Turkish originality and experience in this industry globally are not a result of the moment but rather a rooted and developed industry, the commercial movement of the Turkish hazelnut and its export to all countries of the world extends its history to more than six centuries.

The importance and quality of Turkish hazelnut …

  • Because of the wonderful climate and the geographical factors that Turkey enjoys, it is one of the very few countries on the world level, which has the optimal ingredients and conditions for the production and manufacture of Turkish hazelnuts.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the world depends on Turkish production of hazelnuts for more than three quarters of its needs, at 75 percent.
  • Almost the same percentage, ranging from 70 to 75 percent, for the export of Turkish hazelnuts to all continents of the world and different countries.

The magnitude of the Turkish hazelnut industry and its vast areas…

  • Hazelnut fields extend over vast and huge areas along the length and extension of the shoreline to the Turkish Black Sea coast, where this extension reaches about thirty kilometers, which is the distance and estimated area from near the beach to the interior lands of the coast.
  • The cultivated area of ​​the Turkish hazelnut is about 550 to 600 thousand agricultural hectares, and this figure in fact reflects the extent and magnitude of the Turkish production of hazelnuts to the whole world and even enhances its economic value as a strong commodity with significant global weight and importance.

On the quality and universality of Turkish hazelnuts

  • Workers and those in charge of this industry are estimated at about four million people, and they are the actual number that directly or indirectly interferes with the rise and development of this industry.
  • Of course, the availability of perfect climate and the natural and geographical factors of this industry had the greatest impact on the distinction and uniqueness of Turkish hazelnuts in particular, in comparison to other products provided by other countries of hazelnuts.
  • In addition to its large agricultural area, which added and was a great supporter of the weight of this commodity on the international level, and looking at the great Turkey as the largest player of this commodity globally, with its production and export more than three quarters of the global need, a number if you know very large.
  • But all of these factors would not have had value and effectiveness if they were managed wrongly, so because of the economic vision and rational and wise policies of the Turkish government in activating and setting larger plans and more comprehensive visions of a greater renaissance in the various Turkish industries that were among its first priorities to conserve and even the further development and the progress of unique industries, such as the Turkish hazelnut, all of which led to the arrival of the Turkish hazelnut as a global leader due to all the favorable conditions, successful planning and high quality of its production.

The universality of the Turkish hazelnut and its conformity with international specifications productively

  • It is worth noting that the Turkish hazelnut holds international credentials in the quality and manufacture of products throughout the various production stages that it passes, which are in line with the standards of American and European production standards.

Types of Turkish hazelnuts ..

  1. 1. Hazelnut covered in shell
  2. 2. Natural hazelnut
  3. 3. Roasted hazelnuts
  4. 4. White peeled hazelnuts
  5. 5. Nut slices
  6. 6. Hazelnut Cubes
  7. 7. Hazelnut powder
  8. 8. Hazelnut paste

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Various uses of Turkish hazelnuts

  • Turkish hazelnut is very famous for its use as amusements and light snacks between meals in Turkey and many other countries of the world.
    • In addition to its familiar use as a snack due to its beauty, taste, sweetness, and small size, it is used in many other industries as content or ingredient for many different uses and food products.
    • There are about ninety percent of different types of hazelnuts such as shelled hazelnuts and sliced ​​hazelnuts, as well as white, mash, ground, and mixed powdered hazelnuts, as these varieties are mainly and mainly used in other food industries such as:
  1. 1. Various chocolate industries
  2. 2. Biscuit products
  3. 3. Various products of candy and chewing gum
  4. 4. Cake, pastries, various sweets and sweet-baked pastries
  5. 5. Ice cream
  6. 6. As decorations for the main dishes of meals as well as spices and flavors to add a sweet taste to different foods and dishes
  7. 7.
  8. 8. And other various uses and applications.

The high nutritional value of Turkish nuts.

  • The nutritional value of nuts is that it is rich and contains large amounts of healthy fats for the body and they are the unsaturated ones, which gives more health and wellness to the human body, which is the type of fat that is always desired and recommended by doctors.
  • Does not contain bad cholesterol.
    • You can consider the Turkish hazelnut as a kind of medicinal mineral and vitamins if we consider that a single hazelnut is suitable to be like a tablet of medicine, and this, if it sounds like a funny idea, but it is a proven matter with a great nutritional and beneficial value to the human body.

What is the price of Turkish hazelnuts?

  • There are different types of Turkish hazelnuts that differ according to their specifications, types, and benefits, as well as their advantages, methods of harvesting and manufacturing.
  • You can contact us and ask for your preference, and we will provide you with a wonderful and favorable price offer.