The story of Turkish furniture

The story of Turkish furniture

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Turkish furniture… fragrance of past and glorious present

  • The production and industry of furniture in Turkey dates back to the nineteenth century when it was was conducted on a small scale in workshops as an artisan production. However, through globalization and the acceleration of everything around the world, the current furniture industry in its current concept and aspects has become like a fashion sector that attracts everyone with its art, diversity and creativity.
  • In Turkey, furniture is produced in workshops and large specialized factories where furniture production varies greatly among a large number of small companies.
  • These small workshops play an important role in the production of hand-engraving, hand-made and handcrafted furniture.
  • Turkish well-known and widely broad-branded furniture companies produce standard models using automatic mass production using very advanced technologies that are compatible with American and European specifications, as most of the production of these factories is mainly directed to export.
  • The timber and wood industry is developing rapidly in the industrial regions also developing with a faster pace in the areas surrounded by forests in Turkey, where wood of the trees there in abundant amounts as they represent the backbone of this unique industry.

What are the types of Turkish furniture?

The highest products exported to Turkish furniture are the following...

  1. Wooden office furniture
  2. Wooden kitchen furniture
  3. Wooden bedroom furniture
  4. wooden benches
  5. Upholstered seats

The types of wood on which the Turkish furniture industry is based

Huge furniture

Ash wood – beech wood – oak wood – pine wood – linden wood – mahogany wood

Coated furniture

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Oak wood – beech wood – walnut wood – mahogany wood


  • Wooden furniture has the largest quota, as it takes a large portion in total furniture production.
  • Turkish furniture factories use the latest technology in the production of furniture, which corresponds to both international and European standards.
  • Recently, Turkish furniture companies have established showrooms and warehouses in increasing numbers in most of countries.
  • Turkish furniture is designed and made from the finest materials to ensure comfort, performance and attractive appearance for a very long life.
  • There are different patterns, fashions and different styles of Turkish furniture, so you will find styles such as classic, traditional, contemporary and luxurious, as well as retro styles.
  • designers and engineers deep into the industry have a great flexibility and got widely updated awareness of what the public mood prefers and what they like and trendy among them always.
  • By this, the Turkish furniture industry is able to meet the requirements of all individual markets around the world.
  • Today, with all these aspects of the furniture industry, Turkey is among the five largest countries in supplying furniture on the global level.

The high quality of Turkish furniture and conforming to international and European standards

  • Since 1990, advanced technology has been applied with the increasing use of CNC technology in the Turkish furniture industry.
  • Quality control starts from the stage when raw materials are produced and continues until the end of the packaging process.
  • Our company and our partners possess ISO 9000 and other required high-quality certificates.
  • We follow international standards in our packaging processes and the use of PE, PP, and foam use, as well as polyurethane and cardboard boxes.

The development of global leadership and massive exports of Turkish furniture

  • Turkish furniture exports have seen an upward trend in recent years.
  • In the past decade, Turkish furniture exports increased from US $ 192.1 million in 2001 to US $ 1607.3 million in 2011, mainly due to improvements in capacity, quality and design.
    • The export figure for 2011 was $ 1,607 million, an increase of 18%.
    • In 2011, Turkey ranked third in the global export of convertible seats to beds.
    • In 2011, Turkey exported furniture to 172 countries around the world.
    • Furniture exports markets have been to Iraq, Germany, Azerbaijan, Iran and France significantly.
  • Turkey’s exports of home and office furniture reached more than $ 13 billion during the period from 2011 to 2015.
    • According to the Turkish Statistics Authority, Turkish exports in furniture reached a significant increase, reaching 13.1 billion dollars in the period between 2011 and 2015, while exports of 2014 alone recorded two billion and 970 million dollars.
    • According to the data, both the United Arab republic of Libya and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the most prominent countries that witnessed a significant increase in the rate of growth of Turkish exports to them in the period mentioned.
  • Currently, the number of countries to which Turkey exported various types of furniture has reached about 200 countries around the world.
    • This steady increase in Turkish production and exports in the field of furniture is due to the high quality planning and management in this field and that industry from the first stages of production until its completion until we reach packaging, shipping and conformity to European, American and international standards and specifications in all different stages of production as well as the important government role is checking the quality of the exported products.

What are the prices for Turkish furniture?

  • Of course, there are many types of Turkish furniture of varying use and tastes. The cost of the product involves many factors such as the type of wood used, the quality of the furniture, and many other things.
  • You can select the product you want to buy and we will provide you with a suitable and wonderful price for you.
  • Contact us, we will be happy to serve you