Safety means equipment

Safety means equipment

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An overview of the importance of public safety

  • Occupational Safety and Health is a global concern.
  • More than 3.2 million deaths occur each year due to work-related accidents and diseases.
  • Moreover, there are about 160 million new occupational cases reported as medical conditions resulting from non-compliance and attention to equipment for public facilities, and there are also about 300 million non-fatal occupational accidents annually.
  • The global economic consequences of not implementing public safety measures …
  • The burden from work-related illness and death and lost productivity represents 4% of global GDP. Therefore, the provision and enhancement of a safe and healthy working environment must be better.
  • We cant forget to say that there is nothing can alternate the value of the human life.

Quick tip

Turkey occupies an important global center and a leading position in the production, manufacture and export of various safety equipment and means in many fields of manufacturing, construction and other different life and industrial fields due to the high production quality and global specifications.


The equipment of the various Turkish safety methods provided by the Turkish industry ..

  • Personal protective equipment varies by type, which includes ..
  1. Eye and face protection
  2. Head protection
  3. Hearing protection
  4. Protective clothing
  5. Respiratory protection
  6. Professional shoes
  7. Fall protection devices and equipment
  8. Hand protection and others.

Various applications of Turkish safety equipment

Safety equipment is used in many life applications and in many industries that require the protection of the human element. Personal protection equipment is divided and branched into many applications such as:

  1. Real estate and construction
  2. oil and gas
  3. Petrochemicals
  4. Different energy fields
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Food and medicine
  7. Transportation, etc.

More specialized and accurate equipment with greater risk includes

  • The other part includes neck protection and protection from prolonged immersion in water and other equipment used during an emergency.
  • This protection equipment finds applications in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, chemicals, mining, etc. One of the main factors that fuel the demand for personal protective equipment in Turkey is the increased awareness about workplace safety.

The legal infrastructure of the government paving the way for the Turkish renaissance in that industry

  • The actual Turkish construction of this industry was not only through the industrial orientation, but the fact of the matter has started that trend by taking a package of effective legal measures in this regard and effective government legislation and laws that set standards and basic conditions that cannot be condoned in the procedures for protecting workers in Different industrial sectors.
  • The government not only put in place a series of legislation and wasteful laws that allow a large area of ​​improvisation or perhaps not fully adhering to the safety and public safety standards and specifications of workers and those in various industries, but has set a higher standard and a higher standard and checking in the specifications of these equipment and devices and everything related to that The industry meets international standards and integrates with international and European agreements and conventions specialized in this regard.
  • More than that and an increase in full adherence to those legislations and laws, and also in order to raise the efficiency of application and transcendence more by preserving precious human life, a number of agreements and understandings have been signed and understandings entered into and the implementation of international and international covenants that guarantee public safety standards, whether in the procedures followed In the manufacturing areas or even at the level that we are interested in now and we are talking more extensively on the quality, universality and standardization of the equipment used.

The charters and agreements entered into by Turkey for the advancement and renaissance of manufacturing Turkish safety equipment

  • The recently approved Occupational Safety and Health Promotion Framework.
  • The 2006 agreement (No. 187) entered into force for Turkey on January 16, 2015.
  • The Convention accompanying Recommendation No. 197, members should prepare a national citizen to have a secure and dignified life in the workplace.
  • Turkish European file, which summarizes the situation based on occupational safety and health and progress.
  • An occupational health and safety profile has been prepared.
  • The profile was prepared with a triple approach, through a series of contacts with stakeholders in working life, i.e. the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and other relevant ministries; Representatives of workers and employers associations; And other relevant government agencies and NGOs.

What is the significance of all these decisions and decisions …?

  • It aims to achieve a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Subject to the directions in Recommendation 197.
  • As for the matter that is more important and more specific to us in this article, it is the obligatory obligation of manufacturers and owners of giants in this field to walk and adhere to high safety and productivity standards for this equipment and various means that are in line with international standards.

From here we come to talk about the quality and universality of Turkish safety equipment.


Quality of Turkish safety equipment and devices

  • Turkish equipment and devices comply with international specifications and standards in terms of manufacturing and production quality.
    • It has also obtained the highest-rated accreditations with regard to the production of equipment for different safety means to conform to conditions and specifications and calibration of efficiency in all stages of production according to European and American specifications and standards.

All major cities are leaders in Turkey

  • Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Kayseri and other major cities that fuel the demand for personal protective equipment in Turkey.
  • The Health and Safety Directive in the European Union’s workplace serves as Turkish health and safety legislation.
  • The impact of these regulations is expected to be high in the coming years, boosting demand for personal protective equipment.

What are the prices for Turkish safety equipment and devices?

  • There are many different types of safety devices and equipment that vary according to their specifications, types, use, and different applications.
  • You can contact us and ask for your preference, and we will provide you with a wonderful and favorable price offer.