Who are we?

Turkey Warehousing Company for General Trading

  • It was established in the “Bursa Turkey” city, which is famous for its heritage and picturesque nature and the various industrial cities in late 2019 by a group of young people who specialize in traditional and electronic sales and marketing operations.

Our goal:

  • our goal is to make the shopping and import experience from Turkey easier and safer for wholesalers, so that we provide the lost link between the merchant outside Turkey and the manufacturer in Turkey. 
  • We also provide facilities to search for the best prices for the customer and the easiest road security for shipping from Turkey to all countries of the world. 
  • We are on a mission to simplify shopping and import from Turkey, so that we open new horizons for shopping and e-commerce.

The name of the registered company: Turkey Warehousing Company for General Trading


 Do you need more help? 

  • Do not hesitate to contact us.


Our services

  • Turkey Warehousing Company for General Trading is a company registered in the official circles of the Turkish Republic and we have certified offices in more than one country around the world.
  • Our company performs a number of basic tasks between the wholesaler around the world and the manufacturer or factory directly in Turkey.

Our services:

  • Providing the best price quotation for any product requested by the customer from Turkey.
  • Overseeing product manufacture, accuracy in delivery, and examination of orders prior to shipment.
  • Receive the customer at the airport and provide a driver and interpreter in the event that the customer wants to come and supervise the manufacture of his product.
  • Extracting an invitation to attend trade fairs held in Turkey with a service to provide a driver and translator throughout the exhibition.
  • Repacking and preparing orders for air or sea shipping.
  • Prepare all necessary papers for export outside Turkey and send them to the recipient’s country.
  • Contracted with the best shipping companies in Turkey to provide the best shipping rates and extract the necessary documents to facilitate the dispatch of the shipment and ensure its arrival.

We serve you in the following areas:

  1. All kinds of clothes for young and old.
  2. Raw materials and industrial materials.
  3. Turkish Furniture.
  4. Turkish food and drinks.
  5. Turkish medical products.
  6. Home Necessities.
  7. Tourism and therapy
  8. Buying real estate